Dreams do come true...

I often find myself dreaming about that day I will have my own lake house.  I spend hours planning it in my head.  How it will look and feel, what it will be like to spend Summers up there, and how my family will be up there all the time.  Some may say I live in fantasy land, but hey, dreams do come true!

This time I didn't just plan it in my head, I actually made up a few boards to give my ideas some real life looks.

I want a light sofa, but my husband likes dark.  So I did one of each, naturally.

So tell me, what do you dream about??


Valentine's Day Love

Valentine's Day is coming up an its time to get your love on.  I know it's kind of a Hallmark holiday, but it really is the perfect time for some extra lovin' for that special someone.

Here are a few love themed items I thought were worth sharing...

1.  /  2.  /  3.  /  4.  /  5.  /  6.  /  7.  /  8.  /  9.


We have light!

It's no secret around here that the office in our apartment is the bane of my existence. That is until recently!  In the last few months there has been some major turn around on my husbands part and his willingness to keep the office clean.  He actually says he likes it when its clean now.  What a novel idea, right?

Anywho I finally had the chance to snap some pics of the new lamp from lamps.com that I got for his desk. 

I just love it.  Its all glass so it doesn't take up much space visually, and the red cord is just the right amount of jazz I like in a piece.  I secretly wish the metal finish on it was gold, but my husband loves it the way it is.

It was a super bright day and I was having issues with my camera. I snapped these before I could style it properly and then got kicked out so he could go on some conference calls. Once I get the desk in order I'll have to take proper photos.

The lamp was back ordered but it shipped fast once it was in stock and it was packaged perfectly with no wrinkles or dimples to the shade- which is key when shipping a lamp IMO.

Its only taken a few years, but this space is FINALLY coming together to a place I love. 
See my bookcase project HERE, which really spruced up the space!
*the lamp was provided to me by lamps.com, but all of these opinions are my own


Get the look...Kardashian style

Love them or hate them the Kardashians are in the news A LOT!  I honestly don't have feelings for them either way.  I do think Kims post baby body is something to talk about, but that's neither here nor there.
Moving on to the eldest sister, Kourtney.  I got a little notice in my email today that she was sharing pictures of her home on instyle.com and as soon as I saw "home" I just had to take a peek.  Anything having to do to with interior design sparks my interest, duh. I was expecting something totally different from what I saw.  But some of what I did see, I fell in love with.  The black and white palette, peppered with color and quirky touches, is right up my alley.  I know its not for everyone, just like the Kardashians, but some of this home design is for me.


I dont think I could actually live in this home, but some of the pieces are fun. Here are a few pieces I put together if you want to get the look for your own home

art  -   lighting  -  rug  -  pillows throw  -  piano  -  chair & side table
Happy Friday!!


Box it up!

I'm having major after holiday blues.  November and December are filled with so much joy and fun that January is always a big old stinker for me.  It's hard to get back in the swing of things and I know I'm not alone since I've been reading many other blog posts stating the same thing.  Its comforting to know other bloggers burn out as well from time to time.
Anywho I just took down my tree this week and I feel like my house is so empty now.  It's the perfect time to get organized again.  Throwing out old mail, magazines and other junk that collected during my holiday bliss period is always refreshing.  I like to take January to get my act together and get ready for another semester of school- this one being my LAST.  Woohoo!

So in the spirit of getting organized for the year here is a roundup of my favorite storage boxes.  They come in all shapes and sizes and can be a new home to just about anything under the sun. 

1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.
Happy Belated New Year Everyone!!