Attention Kmart shoppers, there is a special in aisle...

I am a very savvy shopper and always try and get the best deal. NOW... I'm not trying to be cheap, I'm just trying to save some money here and there when I can. I LOVE CVS for this reason, the more you shop there the more coupons and Extracare bucks they give you.

So, I was always stuffing my wallet full of these CVS coupons, clipped coupons from the Sunday paper, and you can even print coupons online at home. I finally decided it was time to organize my bag so I made this fab little envelope-thingy:

Just cut up a simple file folder (mine is green because its so much more interesting than the plain tan color those file folders come in), slap on a homemade "coupon" sticker, and tape the crap out of it with some clear packing tape and ta-da...a chic coupon organizer.

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