Entryway Organization

So being the crazy organizer that I am, my friend Katy asked for some advice/suggestions on how to organize her entryway and more specifically the mail that comes in.

I'd first begin with a really chic table that sets the tone for the rest of the house/condo/apartment. For me, and I know Katy too, storage is key so I'd get a table or small sideboard that has shelves and or doors to hide stuff. Here are some pretty ones:

from here, here, here, here

To organize the top you should have a place for keys, mail and other such items. I love these from here because you can paint them any, and the letter tray is my fav. because of the label holders.
And this...

For the DIY person, Martha has great ideas like these:

I also LOVE this tray to hold sunglasses, keys, wallets etc.
Or you can make one like mine (see a few posts below)

OK, so last but not least the most important thing to keep organized and not let the mail pile up is a trash can right next to the table. When you walk in the house, go through the mail and trash what you don't need right away and sort the rest.

**While we are on the subject of mail...go ahead and sign up for this and save some trees**

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