First Thoughts

So before we moved in I had an idea on how I wanted my first apartment to look and I put this together:

( I know...I have issues)

The couch and chair reflect what we (read I) purchased as well as the tables I ended up getting.

I searched and searched to find real wood tables and not that press board crap as my Dad calls it. I had no idea how expensive they could be, and since I didnt have an extra $1,000 to spend after I already bought the couch and chair I turned to the diy kind....or as I like to call it "dad does it for you."

Here are the tables I found from an unfinished furniture store:

I just picked out the color stain I liked and shortly after they were delieverd to my apartment via the back of my Dads truck....gotta love "dad does it for you"

While, most of this I still like- but as time goes on it is changing and evolving. As my love of different design styles grow my house will without a doubt change too.

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