I had the idea first!!

Recently my office moved locations, and before we moved out of the old space there was extra furniture and stuff that was auctioned off in a name drawing. I had my eye on the kitchen chairs and stools for awhile and was very excited to put my name in and win! Long story short there were 6 chairs and 2 stools I won them all- YEAH for me!

I knew that they would look oh so cool and funky paired with the antique farm table in the kitchen, and that's exactly where they were going to live from now on(convincing the BF to come pick them up for me and that they would look awesome in the kitchen is another story, he was not fond of the idea at all).

So home they came with me to find their new place in the kitchen and I am in love with how the chairs and the table go together- exactly that "modern meets my grandparents antiques eclectic look" I am going for.

WELL...wouldn't you know about a week after my awesome kitchen design came together I saw this in ELLE Decor:

Frederick Fekkai's kitchen- complete with the gunmetal french bistro chairs and an old farm table.

Well Mr. Fekkai... I HAD IT FIRST!!

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The Steel Magnolia House said...

ha ha you are so funny. i love that juxtaposition! eat your heart out, Frederick!