Just Moved In

Here is what the place looked like right after we moved in. At this stage we were basically assessing everything we had, getting rid of some things, and deciding what needed to be bought and added.

Hated those bird pictures...I returned them about two weeks after I got them.

The TV looks so small in this picture...but its a 42" screen. Part of me wishes I never talked the BF down from the larger one. Its amazing to watch sports in HD (Guess the Sox were on when I was taking this picture) I don't know how I lived without it before.

I LOVE my farm table. According to my Dad its over 150 years old and was made by my Great- Great Grandfather. It lived in my Meme and Grampy's house since my Dad was little, and when they passed away it was first on my list of wants. With a little TLC (thanks Dad) and some wax it looks as good as new!

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