Next Step

Here are pictures a few months after we moved in. Some obvious changes have been made up to this point- some major, some minor.

The red chair behind the couch used to be one of the white chairs in the kitchen. The BF hates the color, so this might only be a temporary change. I made the pillows just to add some color, I'm not really a fan so they will be changing at some point too.

Gotta love the sale bin at the local fabric store!! For a total of $12 I made three cafe style curtains for our very oversized front bow windows. We live on the 1st floor so privacy was the #1 goal... oh yea and cheap!

The Oriental rug is on loan from my parents...it could be a tad larger for this room, but it works for now- BONUS it shows NO stains, which is key when living with the BF.

Bird pictures gone!
I went shopping at Casa la Rents and picked up some art done by my Meme who was a very talented artist- I love having some of her work in my "big girl apartment"!

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