Tori & Dean

I was watching Tori & Dean (the Tori Spelling reality show for those who are in the dark) the other day when they showed their new house that they renovated right before Stella was born and it is awesome! I love love love the whole house and all the colors.Kitchen before
Kitchen after- I think the black lacquer cabinets came out great...I wish I could do that to my kitchen, but I'm not sure my landlord would not be too happy
Those red kitchen chairs are great...just like the red chair in my family room!
Orange is my favorite color, so obvi I think this dining room is fabulous! I also love the wall paper, which is so not typical for me.

Again there is orange...that couch is making me think I should do my chair in a bright orange

Monkey's room is so cute...those are octopus on the wall paper-how adorable!!
Stella's room is beautiful, perfect for a little girl.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out how to create a cabinet look as Tori and Dean? I'm looking into painting my cabinets and i was not sure about the black but i love it and i need to know how they did it. I know it needs a very good sanding job, but not sure if they used primor or what type of pain and color. Any ideas on how i could gather this info?

LindsB said...

To anon 11:33- I didn’t find any info on how to do this myself as I can’t do it in my current apartment. But, if I was going to do this myself here are some steps:

1. Remove cabinet doors and number so you know where they go back to

2. Remove all cabinet hardware and label in plastic bags to put back on later- or buy new if you want

3. Fix any damage and fill holes if you are going to use new hardware and the current holes don’t match up to what you bought.

4. Sand really well and wipe with a tack cloth to remove all dust

5. Pick a good primer, specifically one for this type of job. I would ask Lowes or Home Depot what they suggest for kitchen cabinets

6. Also when at a home store see what kind of paint they recommend to get this type of look and what is durable in a kitchen. You might be able to get away with just using high gloss black paint...but I would check with the experts on that one

7. When painting the black, I don’t know if I would go with a brush or rent a paint gun. I would look into both and see what works best for you.

I would check out sites like Debbie Travis's Painted House, the DIY network, or HGTV- they all probably have more information on this.

Hope that helps, and if you end up doing this send me some before and after shots, I would love to see your results!