"Bean Bags"

One of my very good friends from my hometown got married this past weekend down on the Cape. As the BF and I checked into the hotel room we were surprised with a wonderful LL Bean boat & tote bag (or "Bean Bag" as I call them) filled with goodies in the room waiting for us.

I brought the bag home and it quickly found a home as a new magazine holder next to the couch. It replaced the old metal one that made the magazine all folded and curled.

The other two I have are the x-large size- one has the zipper top and is used as an overnight bag and the other a dry cleaning bag. I had fun with the embroidery too... one says "Green Bag" and the other "Red Bag".

These bags are great and can be used for almost anything around the house. My favorite part is they can be embroidered and are very affordable. Shop for them HERE

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Anonymous said...

So creative! Love this idea. Glad it came into great use. :)