My Dream Closet

Thank goodness the BF and I have separate closets!! He has got to be the messiest person I have ever met, so separate closets are the best thing ever and I highly recommend them for any couple who want to stay together.

I don't have alot of space, but you better believe the space I do is tidy, neat, organized and labeled!!

How amazing are these? I am in love with each of these gorgeous closets, and I cant wait to have my very own one day!!

I LOVE this wallpaper, it would make getting dressed each morning so much fun


Hailstorm Hayley said...

Wow, im blown away by some of these closets! I have a walk through wardrobe which is shared with the BF and i LOVE it but i couldnt imagine having the need for a 6 foot ladder in my wardrobe :S
Stumbled into your blog today and im loving it! I'd like to link it to my own blog, if that’s OK?

LindsB said...

Aw thanks Hayley! and of course you can link this to your blog...I'm honored.