A Gallery Wall

I really would like to create a gallery wall in my hall but the BF hates the idea. He says he hates clutter and think it would be ugly. Now normally I would just ignore him and do it anyways...but I'm really trying to include him in the decorating and I really want him to like the idea.

So, I need to convince him that it can be done well and create some interest in a very blah wood floor, white walls hallway. Also it would get rid of some of the clutter he hates by containing all the art we have into one area.

Take a look at these gallery style walls I found...I love them all!!


Jonathan Adler

MA Belle

Apartment Therapy

design sponge


Drew Barrymore's office designed by Ruthie Sommers- from domino

elle decor

Please someone tell me how I can get the BF on board with this idea??

(I need to give credit to Joni at Cote de Texas for giving me the push to finally do this, thanks Joni!!)


Unknown said...

i LOVE gallery walls and plan on doing one in my apartment (to be) - i'm actually planning on doing a post on gallery walls soon too! i love the kind of...controlled randomness of a gallery wall. perhaps show the BF some really nice example photos? some of these are pretty great.

No.35style said...

I have a couple of the same pictures on my blog post about gallery walls. I want to do one in my living room.