Loving This...Velcro

This stuff is great for the super anal like me!! I use it for EVERYTHING, and my favorite use is to hold pictures in place so when doors shut or anything else that causes a picture to move it stays in place, nice and level.

on the wall

on the bottom of the picture

(I took this picture after I had already attached it to the wall, if you were to do this start with both pieces of Velcro attached to each other and then attach one of the sticky sides to the bottom of the frame. Then place on the hook and when it is straight press the bottom to the wall. This is alot easier than trying to line them up after you put both pieces of Velcro on separately.)

After, the picture stays nice and straight

I did this on my painted walls, and when I went to remove one it it did not caused any damage. If you were going to try it on your walls or wall paper, I would test an area first to make sure it wont cause damage

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