No soup for you!

I know its technically not fall yet, but here in New England we are having a particularly crisp day and I love it!! I was in a fall-ish mood when picking out lunch today at the grocery store and went with organic butternut squash soup and a baguette of crusty bread (no I did not eat the whole thing). It was de-lish!!

Doesn't the soup look so pretty in my new "L" mug? It's part of the "pretty up my desk" kick I'm currently on.

For dessert...iced coffee, 'nuff said.

And yes, I did blog this while at work, but I swear I was on my lunch break at the time.


Unknown said...

wow your desk is coming along nicely! that cup is cute :) and i totally would have eaten the entire baguette. i'm so serious.

Anonymous said...

Love that mug and love iced coffee. Actually this whole post makes me happy.


LindsB said...

Thanks Jessica, I love that mug too!!