I keep seeing black and white silhouettes pop up everywhere: Decorno, House Beautiful, the blog world and so many more. While searching through my old closet at my parents house I remember seeing my old profile that was done when I was in kindergarden. I have a vivid recollection of when they did it, and how they lined up all the kids and we each took turns having our profiles done. They were a present to our parents at the end of the school year or for some holiday, I cant quite remember.

I'm going home as soon as I can to dig it out and hang it on my future gallery wall (this all depends in the BF goes for the idea still, I'm thinking of telling him I'm going to paint the wall black too and see which one he prefers I do)

images from House Beautiful, decor8 and ebay

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Unknown said...

lol - your bf may just about faint if you bust the gallery wall AND black wall on him at the same time! lol. can't wait to hear his response :o)