I was going through an inspiration pictures folder on my computer and I found a picture from Martha that got me thinking about all the ways pegboards can be used. So, while I know using a pegboard is not a new idea, there are some great ways to use such an awesome organizational tool.

An 8 x 4 foot sheet of pegboard runs about $14 at your local hardware store and BONUS it can be painted any color you want.

There are a bunch of different accessory items you can get to use on your pegboard once you have it installed. Depending on where you want to use yours, there are baskets, shelves, racks, hooks, and so much more!

Look at all the areas in your house/apartment that they can be used:

The garage is an obvious one and this picture makes me happy to look at because everything is in its place

Here is another garage and I love how they painted the pegboard two different colors...would'nt that be nice to drive into everyday?

Since I live in an apartment I don't have or need any of the items above, but many people I know do and this is another great way to get these things up off the floor to save space in a basement or garage.

For items that are out in the open this is a nice way to organize all your tools

I wish I had that many power drills....aahhh swoon

For people with kids (or childish BF's and husbands) pegboards are great for sports equipment

A framed pegboard makes great office supply storage

In a small kitchen to hang pots and pans

I love this one! A pegboard in a closet is a great idea for bags, belts, ties, scarfs, etc. and the best thing is that all the hooks can be moved around as your wardrobe grows with out damage to the walls.

Other great places for a pegboard:

Organize your craft supples

Inside a pantry to store cans, bottles, jars, etc.

Inside lower cabinets for pots, pans and lids

Make a pegboard the back of a storage/utility closet in the house to hang an iorning board, iron, and other items

A recycling center in the garage or basement

* Anyone have any other great ideas for a pegboard, please share

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