Upstairs on the Square

Last year for my birthday the BF took me to Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge, MA. As soon as I walked in I was in awe at the amazing space and all the colors. To this day I think about the amazing food, as well as the beautiful decor. So when the BF suggested a date night this weekend and that we should go someplace different, of course this was my first choice!

Going here on Saturday surely will brighten up this miserable, rainy weekend we are having here in Boston, take a look:

its not quite winter yet, but this is the outside

side entrance door

first floor bar and more casual dining

the Zebra Room- I love the hot pink walls, with the zebra rug and all the gold chairs and wall sconces, its such a fun room

the upstairs dining room- with light pink walls, mirrored ceilings, a cheetah print rug, and more gold chairs

If you are ever in town, or live here be sure to check this place out:
91 Winthrop StreetCambridge, MA 02138

all images from their website


Anonymous said...

Upstairs on the square is a unique restaurant with character. Not the typical "snooty" service and posh dimmed light restaurant you would get in downtown Boston. Instead-it is a vibrant restaurant that has many different styles and decor. In addition it has unbelievable food. It truly is one of the most underrated restaurants in the greater Boston area, and if you are in town for a visit, it's a must try, if you live in the greater Boston area-well what are you waiting for?

The BF

Anonymous said...

I am making the Hubs take me there!! Let's do a date night!! :)


My Notting Hill said...

Looks like fun. I used to live in Cambridge ('86 - 90) when The Hong Kong was a bit of a dive and down on Mass Ave towards Porter Sq. there was a cheap eats place called Nick's Beef & Beer House. We had a terrific rent controlled walk-up at #43 Forest Street. Fun memories.