Loving This...Whitney English

There is nothing like a hand written thank you note. My mother taught me at a young age to write personalized and "wordy" thank you notes (wordy being her word, not mine). So because I write thank you notes for everything, I'm in the market for some new monogrammed note cards and I'm totally loving EVERYTHING at Whitney English! I found the site from a few other bloggers that had posted about her, so I thought I would check it out.

There is everything you could want for stationary items: note cards, sheet paper notes, calling cards, invites, birth announcements, moving announcements, etc. I am totally blown away at the awesome designs that are available and now my issue is picking just one!

I wish I had a use for calling cards, but I'm afraid my friends and family would think I'm nuts! But then again I'm pretty sure they already do, so I might just order up a few for myself along with some pretty new note cards.

Images from here, here, here, and here

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