Always Changing my Mind...

Well it looks like the coffee table I posted below is a no-go... at 53 inches I fear its a little large for my city apartment. Good news, I'm trying to convince my Mom that painted it would look amazing in her family room and she should buy it (aka keep it for me till I have a larger place)

The bedroom has not made many changes since last time, but here is a picture with the bed made and a picture hung over the bed.

I had originally wanted to add light blue into the mix from the inspiration picture, BUT I just went over to Erin's blog Elements of Style and almost died when I saw another HOT Kelly green headboard!! This time with no blue, and I'm really loving it! I'm thinking I should nix the blue and spray paint the lamp bases white (because I'm still kinda liking the black shades).

I know, I know- I am the queen of changing my mind.

photo is of Lee Kleinhelter's house published in Cottage Living, but found on Elements of Style blog


Erin Gates said...

If you keep the black lampshades you should think about adding black and white throw pillows a la Lee- maybe zebra? (it's always zebra with me, huh?)

LindsB said...

I was thinking the same thing!

I was having a hard time finding the right blue that I wanted in there, so this is a much better option.

Brilliant Asylum said...

It is a great photo to be inspired by! Have fun in your new room.

No.35style said...

I wish I was getting my projects done as quickly as you! I love that green headboard. You are doing a great job. I saw where Lee's new home is featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Cottage Living. Can't wait to see it.