A bag for the 3 R's...

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

Awhile back my Grandma had given me her Kitchen Aid mixer (yeah baby!). To carry all the accessories back to my apartment, and up the 4 flights of stairs, she gave me a canvas bag.

Since I already had lots of canvas bags to use for my groceries and other shopping goodies, I decided to make it pretty and send it back to her.

This is not what the bag looked like, but it had a design on the outside that I just wasn't feeling

Out came some pretty fabric, ribbon, and fabric paint. I first painted her initial on the piece of fabric using a stencil I printed from my computer. Then, I attached the fabric with some fabric glue. Last, I finished the raw edges with some ribbon and more fabric glue (that stuff is great BTW). Here is how it turned out:

I got really excited about the fabric paint, so I went to town on one of my own canvas bags and painted my initial

No more plastic for Grandma, now she has her very own pretty grocery bag!

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