Bedroom Makeover

First, I need to tell Kay I LOVE her- she posted THIS today and gave me the a.m.a.z.i.n.g. inspiration picture....so Kay, I LOVE you!

Second, I need to figure out how to take this:

to this:


Here are the colors

I'm liking this fabric, but I'm going to look around this weekend for something like the KWID Trellis

(fabric from Lewis & Sheron)

So, list of things to do:

* Make headboard cover for that awful brown thing the BF bought a million years ago and refuses to let me get rid of

* Make some matching pillows in the inspiration colors

* Get matching lamps

* Make black lampshades for lamps

* Buy/make quilt like one in inspiration picture for end of bed

* Do something with the plain white curtains that are there now

* Not sure what else to put here now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more along the way

I really hope what I have in my head comes out as well in real life...wish me luck!!

(oh, and Kay- thank you again!)

(Bedroom Inspiration pics from Pure Design, an HGTV Canada show)


Anonymous said...

LOL! I’m glad you love it so much – it’s a really great room and was a great makeover…I’m not sure if you can watch the 30 minute episode online at the link where you got the pics. If you visit the site though she has all the paint colours listed that she used as well as where she got the pieces. The headboard she had custom made (at a place actually not too far from my house that I will probably have make mine…when it’s time) but I’m sure it’s a pretty straightforward DIY :) The lamps she got at value village ($20 each she said) and simply covered the existing shade with black raw silk (glued down!) and added ribbon trim (how-to on the site), the bedding is organic, the chairs are from a thrift store that she had recovered at the same upholsterer, the dresser is the existing one just new paint and hardware, the night tables are basic ones you can get at home depot or ikea and was painted – it was then mounted to appear floating (they showed how to do that too). If you visit the site and check out episode 1 (this makeover was episode 2) she shows you how to update standard curtains so they look custom….

Can’t wait to see your after – doesn’t look like you’ll have much to do as you are definitely going in the right track already.

Anonymous said...

I love everything on her blog too! That fabric is gorgeous. I can't wait to see how the outcome!!!!

cotedetexas said...

you have a great plan - it'll will work out I'm sure - there are a lot of K.W. like fabrics - the important part is the color! good luck with it!

thanks for your comment too.

pve design said...

Can't wait to see your new room! Love to see a bright throw at the end of the bed too - like an Hermes one!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love that green headboard!!!!

LindsB said...

Thank you everyone! I really hope the headboard comes out the way I have it in my head...but I never know exactly what the outcome will be. I'll post it when I'm done (well, if it came out alright)

No.35style said...

That room is great! Can't wait to see how YOURS turns out..good luck!