Last Update...at Least for Now

Last update for now...or till I change my mind again. My inspiration picture changed once, so I'm sure there will be more changes- but for now, here it is:

I painted the lamps white, made the two pillows with our initials and trimmed them in black grosgrain ribbon, and changed the bedding to plain white.
*More buttons will be added to the headboard, they were ordered online but had not yet arrived when I took these pics.

I do like the idea of zebra pillows as Erin from Elements of Style suggested, so I'm on the lookout for some- but to add black to the bed I made the initial ones for now. I'd also like a nice cashmere throw for the end of the bed- I'm thinking a bright orange.

I'd like to thank Kay and Erin for posting both inspiration pictures- keep the good ideas coming, because who knows what I will fall in love with next!


Anonymous said...

How did you make the pillowcases? Recently I've been thinking about attempting to make pillowcases, but I'm a little intimidated! Yours look great!

Unknown said...

fab! I would add a little zebra too!

Anonymous said...

love love love the room! it's coming along so nice. i was going to suggest something (a throw or the like) at the foot of your bed but you beat me to it - or you could get a duvet cover with the dark boarder - that'd be nice too. LOVE the lamps much better in white - they look fab. Love the idea of adding zebra (but i'm a big fan of zebra print). and i'd love to see the frame over the bed in a silver similar to the smaller ones on the side...a touch of glam! (just a little suggestion for your consideration)

you did such a great job - can't wait to see what else you tackle :) and i'm glad you could find some inspiration on my blog :)

LindsB said...

Aw Kay, I'm so glad you like it!! I owe it all to you for getting me started with that first picture.

Unknown said...

Ooh! It looks fantastic. I love the pillows. I am on the hunt for a very specific pillow for my couch and I am afraid I may just have to make it myself since I can't find it anywhere. I can't sew, but you have inspired me!

No.35style said...

You have done such a great job!