My Mini Gallery Wall

The BF left for class one night and I went for it....I decided it was time to make my gallery wall. I took the three pictures that my grandmother painted from over the bookcases and grouped them on the wall over the little side table.

The Buddha moved here, this is the BF's favorite because his family is Buddhist- we didn't just jump on the Buddha bandwagon

I got really excited about the mini wall, so I moved on to the hallway. Here is what it looked like before, there was just an antique mirror over the hall table and it looked lost (and messy, I was in the middle of making alot of changes and just snapped the pic)

Then after....the faces found a new home

It doesn't look centered, but it is. I think this one will grow eventually, even though the BF doesn't want any more added to it, I don't think its finished quite yet.

Yeah for gallery walls!!


vicki archer said...

Amazing difference - I love your mini gallery, it gives the hallway so much personality.

LindsB said...

Aw, thank you Vicki- I love the difference it made too!

No.35style said...

So special to have your grandmother's paintings to include. I still haven't done my gallery wall.

Lynne said...

I really like the bottom one - especially the silhouettes.