A Pumpkin and a Drill


So my pumpkin didn't turn out so bad, Eddies is better of course, but I got home from work late and threw this together last minute before the trick-or-treaters were "suppose" to come. The BF had a whole bowl ready for them and was really excited to hand out all the sweets...well, except no one came. I tried to tell him that since we are in an apartment building its not likely that we would get anyone, but I think he was the one who really wanted all the candy. Anyway here is my last minute Halloween pumpkin with our initials


Taking a cue from the wonderfully talented Eddie Ross, I've decided to go home and have fun with some new drill bits and a pumpkin. I'm hoping that I can come up with something along these lines:

If I like how mine turn out, I'll be sure to post pictures...if not use your imagination, and base it off Eddies picture.

Thank you Dad for the new drill bits, I am very excited to use them for the first time!!

pictures from Eddie Ross


Brilliant Asylum said...

It looks great!

Unknown said...

i think yours turned out lovely! i asked my mom for a drill as i was about to start carving our pumpkin and she was like..."what?!?" needless to say i did it the ol' fashioned way :)

Unknown said...

these are fab!!

LindsB said...

Thanks everyone! I wish I had more time to come up with something a little more creative- but using a drill to "carve" the pumpkin was so much fun!