Silhouettes, take two...

I decided to do a little craft project last night and make some silhouettes of the BF and me. It was super easy to do, actually the only hard part was getting the BF to pose for a profile picture. And the best part, when the BF came home from work he actually said how cool they were, and that he liked them!! (In the past, his reactions to my "craft" projects have not been as enthusiastic to say the least, so I was excited that he actually liked them)

Here's how they turned out:

Not sure this is where they are going to stay, but they look cute with the pumpkins for a Halloween look.

The wood in the fireplace is new, I like it better then the candles that were there before- thanks Dad for cutting it!!


(the BF said I made my head look like an alien so I might try it again to see if I can get it less alien-like)

the BF

my sterling silver candlesticks and some mini pumpkins

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cotedetexas said...

love this! I might try my hand at this too. Thanks also for your comments - you always leave the nicest ones!