Tear sheet binder organizing

This weekend I finally took all my folders, binders, computer print outs and magazine clippings off the bookshelves to organize and get in order.
I keep all the Martha Stewart, Domino, House Beautiful, and Elle Decor magazines intact and stored on the shelves, but the others I rip out only the things I want to keep. I also have alot of print outs from the computer, paint chips, and fabric samples- so it was time to get them in order.

Here was the mess around me, I sat like this for a good two hours getting everything in order.
The print out in the left corner is an idea board I made for my future kitchen. The bottom half of the sheet is all the websites and stores where I found everything so I could easily recreate it.

I could not get up very easily, so just in case anyone wanted to reach me .

In the decorating binder I had all the sheets organized into categories: bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, office, bathroom, etc.

I used plastic sheet covers to put everything in- this keeps everything in order and easy to flip through for future reference.

Whats that hiding in the corner??

TROLLI WORMS!! My fav fav fav candy getting me through all the cleaning

After all the organizing I had 5 binders all labeled with new covers looking pretty on my shelves. They were: Decorating, Parties/Weddings, Crafts/DIY, Organizing and a little one for all my Christmas ideas.


Katy said...

Oh my gosh Linds! Can you come organize my classroom/curriculum? I will pay you in free school supplies!! colored pens? markers? stickers? enticing huh!

LindsB said...

Haha, sure Katy bring it on over and it will be done in no time!