Girls Weekend

In 5 short hours I will board the train head to NYC for a much overdue girls weekend with my three besties! I am beyond excited and wish I could leave right this second. We'll all be staying with our friend who lives on the Upper West Side and we have a relaxing yet packed weekend planned. Lots of laughing, drinking, shopping, drinking, gossiping, and... did I say drinking twice.
Lots of stores to hit up while I'm there, lots NY has that Boston doesn't. On the list is:

the Johnathan Adler Store
the West Side flea market on Sunday morning
ABC Carpet

With all the excitement and anticipation of the trip I forgot the rest of the list...hmm, I better write it down.

Does anyone else have any suggestions of places that are a must?? Please share


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I'm so excited for your girls weekend!

How fun!

I'm actually in the NY area so I hot spot to hit would be.... my house on long island. ha ha or my sister's apt in Chelsea so we can meet!

I'm actually going to be in the city on Saturday and will be having dinner at Son Cuban for dinner and dancing in honor of my mom's b-day.

Oh if you like flea markets you should hit up Hell's Kitchen Annex and the Antique Garage. They have a shuttle that runs inbetween both of them.

Oh also good comfort food at Hill Country. Oh so yummy and I saw Penn B. from Gossip Girl on my walk there.

LindsB said...

We should totally plan a bloggers weekend in NYC- like a get together and a tour of all the awesome stores...how much fun would that be??

Unknown said...

a bloggers weekend would be awesome! i was going to say jonathan adler but i see you already have it. that muji store was also recommended to me - i'm interested to hear your thoughts.

have fun!

No.35style said...

Have fun! You can always go to Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake ;)