Keeping Busy

The BF is in grad school taking night classes (while working full time) to get his MBA. Needless to say, he is often not home. To keep busy I have come up with many projects, or activities as I call them, to keep from being bored or lonely after work.

I already posted about the pillows I made for my new bedroom, and have moved on to more sewing. After an expensive trip to the craft and fabric store, I've started making little make-up bags, shoe bags, and other things out of all the cute fabric I got. I also discovered this iron on vinyl stuff, and have started making vinyl lined make-up bags, much easier for clean up...the stuff is awesome!

Here is one of the vinyl lined bags I made (sorry for the poor quality picture)

Actually, before I made the bag I was practicing with the iron on vinyl and made a set of coasters.

After being home for many nights alone, I have made over a dozen little bags. I had so many I've started giving them away to friends and now have a few requests to make more. This is just one of the many crafts I keep myself busy with at night, I'll post the others when I take pictures of them.

Hmm, all the projects I've made are starting to pile up in my house...maybe I should open an etsy store. Anyone out there make things at home and sell them on etsy?? How is it working out for you?


Anonymous said...

i'm not so crafty as to make things and sell them on etsy but i have considered (and still am) opening an etsy store to sell some of the vintage finds i come across. the ones that i love but aren't right for me or that i just don't have room for. if you do open an etsy store be sure to tell!

pve design said...

Fond memories of the day when my husband was in grad school at night for his MBA and many an hour spent creating. Good for you to be busy, and crafty and to try an etsy store or even a local craft fair.
All those things sure help to meet others and to be your own boss!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I think you should start an ETSY store and link to it on your blog. I love that you use vinyl. My make-up bag always gets gross with my loose powder and such so it's great to have the vinyl for easy clean-up.

I've never sold anything on Etsy, but I'm a huge supporter of it. I love giving people unique and handmade items.

The holiday season is approaching so I think you should go for it!

LindsB said...

aww, thanks for all the support- you guys are so sweet!