She's Back

Had a fabulous weekend in NYC with the girlfriends...took one picture the whole trip, yes I know very sad but I just forgot...oops. But, this about sums up the weekend:

- Train was about 3 hours late getting in on Friday night due to a fatality in Mansfield- someone got hit by the train, very sad.

- Got in Penn Station right as a concert was getting out, and sat in my "rolling club cab" till traffic let up. What I mean by "rolling club cab" is that when I got in the cab the cabbie was blasting Janet Jackson and dancing/wiggling in the front seat. He wanted me to join in, till he realized I was not in the mood to dance after being on an almost 6 hour train ride, but he continued himself until our final destination.

- Laughed about the whole situation with my girls, and drank many bottles of wine till about 3:30am when we decided to head to bed.

- Saturday it rained all day, made it to one store on my list and bought nothing, so sad. BUT, discovered Gracious Home, and informed my friends that this was the place I wanted to die- for real. Best.place.ever.

- Saturday night had a wonderful dinner with the girls, drank alot, ended up at a college bar and felt like 4 old ladies. Didn't really realize where we were till we looked up and saw hundreds and hundreds of signed bras...yes bras, hanging from the ceiling. Quickly finished our drinks while dying of laughter and got the heck outta there.

- Sunday was better weather, hit up the West Side flea market which was fun and then headed to brunch. Ordered my eggs, and asked for a bloody mary to go along with it, only to be told that they only serve virgin bloody marys till noon. I quickly answered, umm what, virgin... I don't think I heard you right, make mine a double please. Yea, well I lost that battle- didn't end up with my bloody as I hoped.

- I got a ride home (yea I'm done with the train for awhile) with my two NH besties, laughed the whole way, and ended the weekend on a high note.

- OMG, I almost forgot- for my birthday the girls bought tickets to Dirty Dancing. YES, I will be seeing Baby on stage in February...another girls weekend planned at my house this time- wooohoooo, so friggin excited!


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I'm glad you got a good trip. I was thinking of you when it started raining in the city. I was hoping you still got to walk around and check out some stores.

Oh lucky girl with the Dirty Dancing tickets! Me and my sisters want to order tickets as well.

Unknown said...

it's so hard to fit everything in huh!! glad to hear you ended up having a great time though :)