Top Design Winner



So Top Design ended last night and Nathan won- wooohooo. Although they were all great, I was very happy to see Nathan walk away with the Top Design.


Um, is that for real?!? I LOVE it....I mean paper plates, who would have thought- its genius!! And those chairs paired with the table, I love everything here!

Again, amazing! Love the round table, love what he put on top, love the large armoire and love the lamps next to it. The rug alone would not be my fav, but all together I love it!

Can I please just curl up into bed and sleep now, I love this. The window treatment is great, I really like how he used just one curtain rod for the both windows, it makes it look like one.

My fav design is a good mix of old and new, I could move right into this room and be comfortable. I really like how me mixed a modern piece of art with something more traditional.

Although Nathan was the winner, I really did like all the designs. The use of lighting, large graphic wallpaper and color was amazing! Preston and Ondine certainly deserve mention for their amazing design through the whole show.

I spy foo dogs...

I spy foo dogs again. I love the side table here!

I love this wallpaper, I would love to use this in a large walk in closet. The black and white would make clothes see like works of art hanging against it. hmmm, maybe I should do my closet now just to test it out :)

More beautiful wallpaper, and I love how the round lighting hangs over the round table.

More beautiful wallpaper- I need to find out where they got all of this. I'm sure its out of my price rage, but maybe for a small area.

So...what did everyone else think of the finale?? Spill it...
All images from Bravo.com


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I agree with you. I thought they all did a great job. Nathan was always my favorite and continually made me laugh with all his comments.

When he joked about the other contestants puting visine in his coffee. I died.

I think Nathan deserved to win. While I didn't always get what he did I do believe he is a great designer. I don't think I'm hip enough to live in a house designed by him. :)

Unknown said...

aaaaaaaaaaaah spoiler! darn it darn it darn it!
we don't get top design here in canada so i've been watching it on youtube...but the person who uploaded it has been removed from youtube so i've missed last weeks episode and the finale last night (which i would have watched if i was in NJ but i was at the airport).

Nathan was my fave to win - him or Eddie. So I'm glad! He's very deserving I think.

LindsB said...

OMG, I just realized I should have put spoiler...IM SO SORRY!!!!!!!

No.35style said...

I think wallpaper in a walk in closet is a perfect idea!

Anonymous said...

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