Walmart, Who Knew?

I was looking around for some cute black and white pillows, and when you google "black and white pillows" about a million different options come up. Well, I clicked on a cute one and was shocked to see that it was from Walmart!

Now I must be honest- its not that I didn't know Walmart had house things, because I did- I just always assumed they would never be as cute as Target things- I'm a Target snob. So, I got to searching the website and found some other cute ones, the green one is even made from organic materials. (who knows how much actually is organic, but its better than nothing)

Then, just as I get excited about all the cute new things I found, I see this...

Oh, and there are alot more where that one came from. Walmart really does have everything.

images from Walmart.com

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Brilliant Asylum said...

Ha--yes the last image is generally what springs to mind when I think of "Walmart Chic"! Funny post.