Antiquing over Thanksgiving

I forgot to post these pictures from some antiquing/ thrift store shopping my Mom, Grandma and I did over Thanksgiving. Up in Southern NH there are quite a few places to shop, we only hit up a few, but there was lots of nice things at all of them. I only came home with a few books and an antique metal flower frog, but here are some of the fun finds:

Pretty Ironstone

I loved this set, so pretty for a Thanksgiving table setting a la Eddie Ross

Sterling silver plated serving pieces, and some pretty crystal salt cellars

Beautiful alabaster lamps- I was wishing they had two of these, but then again I also was wishing I had an extra room to put them in. They would have been so pretty on either side of a bed, with a different shade of course.

More pretty lamps. I was hoping these would have a nice price tag, but when I saw that they were $170 each, I knew they were not in my budget.

Hopefully I'll do some more thrift shopping and antiquing over my Christmas break....maybe more will come home with me then :)


Anonymous said...

oooooh love the ironstone and love love LOVE the lamps (of course!) i guess the pair i have my eyes on for $185 aren't that bad then huh?

by the way thank you so much for such kind words on my blog today. i left a longer comment in response to yours on my blog so i wont duplicate it here :) but i'm curious...what made you think something was up?? :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh fun. I love going to thrift shops. I agree with Kay. I love those lamps!!!!! I hope you find many more treasures during Christmas!

Lauren said...

love the ironstone & lamps. I had similar lamp from my grandma & I broke it!! :( so sad

LindsB said...

Kay- post those lamps if you get them, I cant wait to see!

Camila- I hope I find more fun things too, hopefully I find more things that need to have a place in my house

Lauren- thats so sad, was there no way to fix it?