Bean Boots- I Love Winter

I realized this morning that I am a true New England girl....as I looked out the window and saw all the snow I was very excited to get all bundled up and put on my boots! If you live in an area with alot of snow and slush in the winter these boots are awesome, especially with the Thinsulate lining.

I also realized that when I was posting this, I had posted about LL Bean before. I swear I dont shop there on a regualr basis, but they do have some very traditional New England items that I could not live without, my bean bag and boots included.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with LL Bean Lindsay..

LindsB said...

Hi Erin- nothing is wrong with LL Bean at all, they have great stuff! I love my boots I dont know what I would do without them in the winter.

Lauren said...

Those are great & so classic. I have a ridiculous pair of moonboots that I wear when it only snows like half an inch.. haha my friends have definitely been embarrassed of me when I break them out :)