Christmas Tree Decor

I've been collecting Christopher Radko ornaments for a long time now. This is only the second year I have had my own tree and been able to put them up. I have so many now, I should probably make sure my homeowners insurance (actually renters) is up to date, because if my tree ever fell over and they all broke I would be one sad little girl...not to mention very poor if I ever had to replace them all.

Here are some of my favs

I love this witch head, especially because its so ugly- the BF hates this one

Two new ones last year- the sailor Santa, and the frog

A very large nutcracker man, this one is like 9 inches tall.

Another frog, and a taxi cab.

Here are some other peoples trees filled with all Radko ornaments...I don't quite have this many, at least not yet. Actually I need to start collecting more of the "Gems" or smaller Radko ornaments to fill up my tree. I have so many huge ones, and there are only so many sturdy branches on a tree to hold them.

So, what kind of ornaments do you collect?

Christmas tree pictures from the Christopher Radko website

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