Deck My Halls

I got most of my presents wrapped last night and realized I had not taken any pictures of all my Christmas decor up, so here are a few to enjoy!

I didnt realize I was going with a green and silver theme, but I love the color combo under my tree.

The pantone teacup from Camila and some new bone/shell boxes I picked up at Homegoods. On top of the boxes is the new flower frog I picked up antiquing.

I didn't end up doing the paperwhites this year, but my amaryllis finally bloomed and it looks awesome.

One side of the mantle with the boxwood arrangements I threw together.

Here are the boxwood arrangements up close. I threw in some metallic green berry thingies I had, you can kinda see them in there.

My favorite Christmas decor, silver glass ornaments

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PS- and I don't care if you have won a prize before, I'm making this for everyone!


Lauren said...

I LOVE your mantle!! The arrangements are so pretty on the ends with the stocking hooks!! I've checked out your etsy shop again & am coming up with my answer :)

Lauren said...

ps- the gift wrapping is beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

I am insanely jealous of your collection of decorating books :) Your mantle is gorgeous!

LindsB said...

Lauren- Thanks, I was not sure if I liked the arrangements at first, but I love them now. I was suppose to make a wreath out of it all, but I got to lazy and just stuck the boxwood in some vases I had and called it a day.

Megan- Those are not even all of them- just the pretty ones are out for now, which reminds me I should switch it up now.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I love all of your holiday decor. Especially the silver polka dot wrapping paper. Everything looks perfect. I'm glad to see my little tea cup made it into another shot. It matches perfectly with the green wrapping paper.

I must start wrapping my gifts. I haven't even put the tree skirt on yet. Whoops. Must do that when I get home.

Kwana said...

Your home and Christmas decor is so beautiful. I'm so jealous of your wrapping being done and done so well. I'm awful. no a present has been wrapped yet. UGH!