Got My Tree!!

My Christmas tree is finally up with lights on and decorated, Christmas season is finally in full swing!!

This weekend the BF and my parents went up to Hampton Falls, NH to Tonry Farm to cut down our own tree. I love cutting down my own tree because 1. it lasts alot longer then a tree already cut and 2. half the fun of getting a tree is looking for it yourself in the woods and then cutting it down. I normally would be pro "live" tree (one with a root ball that can be planted after) but they don't make those readily available in the city, and then the issue of where I would plant it when Christmas was over. So, Tonry Farm is a great place to go because they put their land in a Conservation Easement, meaning it will never be developed and will stay a farm forever- yeah for local farmers!

So here is the tree from start to finish

my Dad helping cut it down...he started it and the BF cut it the rest of the way :)

Its a nice tall and skinny tree with lots of room for my large ornaments, just the way I like em' (or actually what we have room for behind the couch)

I forgot to take pics of it up and not decorated because I was so excited to just get started. Here it is all finished and pretty!! The tree was a perfect fit, ok well actually I had to trim a bit from the top for the star to fit...but it just reaches our 9+ foot ceilings- yeah for a big tree!!

We don't have a super nice topper, or any specific tradition yet. Since this is just our second year of having our own tree the star will do for now :)

Some of my Christopher Radko ornaments on the tree.

The tree is actually the only place in my house where bright colors are used during Christmas. The rest of the house follow my moms rules with just Silver, Gold, Cream and Maroon... I gotta keep one of her traditions for myself :)

My sterling silver Paul Revere bowls filled with silver glass ornaments

So excited to have my tree up...with all the work it took, I'll be having it up till March now :)


Unknown said...

it looks great! i love the shape and how tall it is. i've never had a real tree...part of me really want's to try one - the other part loves the fake one we use :)

Lauren said...

So pretty!!! I LOVE the silver bowls!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful tree and the bowls are gorgeous as well!

LindsB said...

Thank you Kay, Lauren and Dolcechic! I'm pretty excited to have it up and done, it was alot of work. But now that its up I'm loving it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the tree, and love how your dad helped cut it down, it's a cute picture. Your house looks amazing and I wish you would have a Christmas Party. I will wait for my invite.

Alkemie said...

Your tree is absolutely stunning! I also love your silver glass ornaments in the bowls :)

Karen O.

No.35style said...


Jean Martha said...

Very cute! I have to restrain myself with the Paul Revere bowls...I buy them EVERY time I find one.