I need to thank two people...

Kay from apartment tbd, etc and Camila from High-Heeled Foot in the Door. Both lovely ladies had contests awhile back and I won! I love contests and I had never won anything fun before, so both times winning were equally exciting!

Kay is from Canada and the awesome prize she sent was a subscription to Domino! She read my mind with this gift because my subscription was about to run out ...but when I won the contest she sent me an email stating my awesome prize and now I don't have to!! Thank you so much Kay for your awesome prize...I will be sure to think of you each time I get my magazine in the mail, its the gift that keeps on giving :)

Camila is from NY and held the awesome "Pass it on" give-away and send these amazing gifts (in a huge box, it was fun to open)

Orange Foo Dogs... I gave a little Christmas makeover with the white bows

This cute Pantone tea cup with some yummy green tea...I didn't make it last night because I would have never slept, so in the picture is my night time tea

A lion ring and this awesome black bracelet- love them both!

Some great Mary Kay lip stuff, I've used it like 10 times already ( since last night, when I got the package)

Also included was the House Beautiful color book, which will be in another holiday picture coming up.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Kay and Camila for some awesome prizes...and I PROMISE that my "Pass it on" contest will be coming up- I have to come up with some things that are just as awesome as all of these...so stay tuned!


Lauren said...

Wow! Awesome prizes!!! :) LOVE the dogs!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh yay! I'm glad everything got there in one piece.

Love the pictures. Everything looks great. The Foo's look fab!!!!

Enjoy everything!

You must try the green tea. I normally hate green tea, but this one is really good!

Unknown said...

I love the Foo dogs and your lion ring. Great prizes!

Unknown said...

you are very welcome! i was actually thinking about you since i owe you a 2nd half and have been racking my brain trying to think of something...i think i've thought up something but will send you an email...

Pink Wallpaper said...

wow!! lucky you :)

No.35style said...

I like that bracelet!

Alkemie said...

WOW! All really great stuff! The lion ring is very cool and I Love Foo dogs! Even though I subscribe to so many magazines, Domino remains one of my faves! Thanks for sharing.

Karen O.