Moss Please

Ever since I saw the post of Laurens Christmas bedroom I have become obsessed with moss balls and finding some for my house. There are so many different kinds out there, all of which can be used in home decor one way or another. I am looking to put them in my sterling silver Paul Revere bowls that held the silver balls for Christmas.

These ones are kinda lumpy, and not sure exactly what I am looking for, but they are a very pretty green, and would bring color and life to any room.

Here are some cute small ones that are uses in a beautiful lush table scape.

Sheet moss is used here, paired with some acorns its a very pretty fall table scape.

My mom used to do something like this to keep our cat from digging in the plants. I love the way the green moss looks in between all the roots.

Another use for moss is in between branches for a more rustic feeling centerpiece.

I love the look of just one moss ball, like a topiary.

Here many balls are used in this stone planter.

So after all those I have still not found the perfect moss for my Paul Revere bowls. Lots of questions I need to answer, What kind of moss do I want? Do I want just one large one, or many small ones? I'll keep you posted on the kind I end up buying though and how they look.

Anyone have any pictures of moss balls used in your decor?

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Haven and Home said...

Hmmm, I have not used moss yet, but I do love the idea. Anything nature inspired is right up my alley. Let us know what you decide!

No.35style said...

I want some moss balls too!

cotedetexas said...

Great post - I love moss, I'm always buying it for some reason!!!!

thanks for your comment, don't get excited about my kitchen, it's like such a no big deal, it's embarrassing!

Lauren said...

Oh you know about my obsession!! I hope you find just the right ones!! I'm loving the moss covering the roots in the pot- relaly gorgeous.

Alkemie said...

Oh I LOVE moss! I always want to buy it too - like JOni :)