One More Day....

Since we are about to get dumped on with snow here in the Northeast, and I won't be making it to the post office today as planned, I am extending the contest one more day! Also, because I want to see if anyone else out there has any good advice for me too :)

So, again here are the prizes

(a spool of white satin ribbon, some kelly green gloves from J Crew, some of my very own stationary, sterling silver pearl earrings, and a surprise gift)
Just leave me a message (here or in the post below, I will add everyone together) with some advice you have for me on my Etsy Store. How can I make it better? How can I get my name out there more? What should I make more of / less of? Any cute ideas for me or any other words of advice?
Thanks again everyone...I really do appreciate it! I'll be announcing the winner some time this weekend :)

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High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I thought of an idea. Finally. What if you find some fellow bloggers that also have etsy stores and do profiles on them. Maybe do a different person a month and ask them questions about the business. In posting it on your blog you'll get traffic from the person that you are interviewing and you'll also get their insight into how they are making ETSY work for them.