Spiced Nuts, A Makeover Story

I am a stickler for keeping many of the same traditions year over year. One of those traditions is my Dads favorite...my spiced nuts! Every year at Christmas I buy a ton of mixed nuts (NO PEANUTS for this recipe, yucky!) and whip up batches and batches of my spiced nuts. I take lots to give to my Dad, but I also give away many containers too. I came up with this cute way to dress up the nuts container when I'm giving them as hostess gifts or part of a present. Ok, so this may not be "my" recipe, and dressing up the containers may be "old news" , but I think its pretty damn awesome!

The nuts container before (I usually just buy the mixed containers of nuts, but this container snuck in there on accident so I just mixed them all together when baking)

All the containers after...all dressed up for Christmas and ready to give away.

I just used scraps of left over wrapping paper and satin ribbon. I will put a tag on them as well a la Martha that says "Spiced Nuts - Made For You by LEB" or something to that nature :)

One week left till Christmas- woooo hoooo!!

PS- I just realized I don't have the recipe with me, but if anyone wants it I can post it later on today- just let me know.


Lauren said...

Too cute! What a great idea!!! I was having a rough time thinking of gifts for my dad & stepdad & they'll love the nuts- Thanks Linds!!

Laura said...

I would love to have the recipe. I usually make some sort of tasty treat for my coworkers (which I have to do this weekend, yikes!) and I can't decide what to make this year. I being so indecisive that I even put a poll up on my blog to decide!