Bakelite I Mean French Ivory

I stand corrected, Eddie Ross so nicely informed me that it is not Bakelite as I had first though, but actually French Ivory! Either way, I love it and it will look great at any place setting. Thank you Eddie!!

I totally forgot to post about the great set of Bakelite knives that my Grandparents gave me for Christmas. My Grandmother knows my love of antiques and since I had been talking about Eddie Ross's antiquing adventures alot, she thought she would start me on my very own collection. Eddie actually did a post on Bakelite, which I found interesting (Eddie you can correct me if I am wrong and this is not actually Bakelite but something else)

Here is my tiny start to a collection:

Here is Eddie's beautiful collection:

Hopefully one day I'll have a collection like his, and can set a beautiful Thanksgiving table like he does so well!

Photos from eddieross.com, and my own


Anonymous said...


It's actually French Ivory, an early synthetic plastic. Other things made of the material were dresser sets, flatware, picture frames and even women's jewelry. I still think what you have is beautiful and what a great start to a collection


High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh that was so sweet of grandma to get you started with your collection.

cotedetexas said...

don't question Eddie - he knows his silverware, that's for sure!!!! it's beautiful whatever it is.

thanks for the comment too!

wildraz said...

Oh my God, did you DIE when you saw Eddie's comment? How exciting!

I agree, they are a great start to a collection and will be so much fun to plan a table setting around.

Lauren said...

So pretty & practical!!