I'm Back!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I'm back from Christmas break and my short trip to Jamaica! We had a fab time and its sad to be back to this cold weather and work. Of course I have about a million emails to dig through after having two weeks off... so off to do those and hopefully I'll get back to the blogging in no time! Till then I'll be sneaking in some me time to read what everyone has been up to since I've been gone.

(I wish that was all my luggage from Jamaica, but sadly no, it's just a picture from online)


Unknown said...

yay welcome back! can't wait to here about your time in jamaica! did you try oxtails??? lol.

happy new year :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Yay your back!!!

Please show us pictures so I can get more jealous if that's possible.

I so need to go on a tropical vaca!

Lauren said...

welcome home!! I was looking at the luggage pic like "no way!" hahaha