Just Call me Norm...

...Abrams that is, from This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop (were those shows just a New England thing?) I used to love that show!

Growing up I would watch it with my Dad and was always fascinated on the things they built and the house transformations. See, my Dad is a General Contractor and he builds houses; he built the house I grew up in and numerous others he has sold- he is very talented! Anyway, as a kid I would always be down in his shop building things or helping him make something. I definitely got most of my creativity from him (not to say I didn't from my Mom, she is very creative too) as well as my love of power tools, well all tools. I am very proud of my large tool collection, and I have my Dad to thank for them all. Right now my toolbox looks like this
Its starting to get very crowded in there, and it obvi does not hold things like my power drill, a smaller power drill, mouse sander, level, staple gun, grommet kit, etc etc. What I really REALLY would like is this badboy

Ok, I guess I could settle for this version

Either way, one day when I have my own house I'm going to have a workshop just like my Dad. Ok, I might paint the workbench pegboard pink, but that's another story.

What got me on this subject of tools today was this awesome desk I saw in the new Pottery Barn catalog. I have been looking for a new console table/desk to replace the one I have behind my couch right now. The one I have is great and all, but its not long enough to make the two lamps I have far enough apart, and it just bothers me a tad. Plus, I really want my own space to put my new craft station and to get everything for my etsy store organized.

This can't be too hard to build with my Dad's help, right? I want mine white though, so a few extra nails and screws here and there to hold it together would be no problem because I can just fill in the holes and paint over.

The BF is out of town for the next two weekends so I think I'm going to have to head to the country and see if I can put this little desk together myself.

Don't hold your breath, but I'll let you know how it turns out :)

Photos from: Pottery Barn, PBS, & home depot


Anonymous said...

I love Norm!

annechovie said...

Hey, I used to love watching This Old House, too! Norm's accent was the best and I learned a lot. That is cool that your dad taught you so much and you have a tool colllection - good for you! Also, thanks for the comment on my blog!