A little Detail- Accomplished

I finally finished my curtains in the family room... actually I finished them awhile ago but I just finished cleaning up the mess I made so I could take pictures and not be embarrassed.

So here is the before again:

And here is the after: (sorry the pics were taken at night and are kinda dark)

You can also see my awesome new orange throw that I had been lusting after for awhile, it finally went on sale and it had to be mine!

After I saw these pictures on the computer I realized that I don't like my red chair anymore. It doesn't seem to "flow" next to the orange throw and the aqua pillow, so the next project is to paint it. I'm thinking either white, aqua to match the pillow, or the light blue that I have on the walls behind the bookcases...what do you think?? Paint it, leave it, colors? Please help I'm stuck, thanks!!


Anonymous said...

I say white.. but what do I know. Everything looks fabulous!! Cannot wait for the weekend.

My Notting Hill said...

Love the twill tape - it looks terrific!! I read recently in House Beautiful's decorator tips that a border like that adds a feeling of height. I'd vote for an aqua chair.

cotedetexas said...

the curtains look so great! and that oriental armoire you saw on my blog - those are really all prices. some are inexpensive, so I would look around and google oriental antique armoires. you might find something you like!!!

thanks for the comment,

Lauren said...

LOVE the curtains!!! You're so inventive!! :) I think aqua would be pretty on the chair.. or even orange (I just did orange chairs for a client & they're so much fun) I STILL love that lamp & shade!!

LindsB said...

House Beautiful too, it was right after I started my project too, I was excited to see that I was doing the right thing :)

Lauren- The lamps are really old from my parents house, but I found the same ones on lum lighting, I was excited to see that they were selling for $600 each and I got mine for free! Score for me haha

Haven and Home said...

The curtains look great. Isn't it funny what a difference little details make? I vote light blue or aqua for the chair. Love the throw too!

Devon said...

Did you sew on the tape? It looks great and I'd like to copy your idea {I've got some linen curtains tossed around the house and they need some serious help}

I'm so loving your blog.

LindsB said...

Thanks Marianne! It is true small details make a big difference sometimes.

Devon- I actually used an iron on tape to attach the twill cotton border. At first I was going to sew because I didn’t want to ruin the curtains if I ever decided to take it off- but then I just thought what the heck, I'll just get new ones or add a different color border if I get sick of this one. It took me a few hours of ironing, but it was the easiest thing ever!