Love it or Hate it?

There are no pictures out there yet, so my phone camera will have to do. Not sure who makes the dress yet but the First Lady looks BEAUTIFUL!!

Ok, to be honest at first I didn't really like it, but as I kept watching her and seeing all the detail in the dress and how she was just glowing, I fell in love with it! Watching the President and First Lady dancing to Beyonce was so great, they are such a cute couple!!


The dress is by Jason Wu- a newcomer in the fashion world, as he is only 26 years old!! I think its so funny that he found out with the rest of the world that the First Lady chose his dress. What a special night for him too, the dress will be donated to the Smithsonian Museum and he will forever be part of history.


Unknown said...

i think it's lovely. the more i saw it too the more it grew on me. i think it's a nice shape for her and love the detailing that gives it a whimsical pretty look. i also love white on darker skin tones - she looks so fresh! (i wear lots of white in the summer)

Haven and Home said...

I love the dress, she looked stunning!