New Fun Present

I got lots and lots of awesome presents for Christmas, I was very spoiled and lucky this year. One of them is this awesome craft table that the BF's parents bought me. This present was by far the largest and heaviest, and was alot of fun to put together.

On a side note, the BF's parents asked him if I had a craft table or wanted one, and he immediately said we didn't have room for one and not to get it. Well, well, well they didn't listen to him and bought it anyway, yeah for me!! You should have seen his face when I opened it, it was priceless! Anyway it was beyond sweet of them, and I am very excited to put it to use.

What was left of the box after I took out all the pieces

All finished!

With the extra folding table top up for added work space

I can't wait to fill the drawers and slots with all my craft things, everything finally has a home YEAH!

So, should I tell the BF I want another one for all my sewing items? I think I might wait on that one :)

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Lauren said...

It's going to be so much fun!!! I can't wait to see all your stuff in it!!