Weekend Shopping Recap

So no dice on an armoire this weekend. I'm kinda sad about it, but I also know that something will come along sooner or later I've just got to keep searching! The weekend was not a total bust for shopping though, I found some cute things at Homegoods and at an antique store.

First, this cute plate I fell in love with for the pattern and color- it was the last one left and on sale for $1! I'll use it for appetizers, cookies, or whatever suites my fancy when I'm entertaining.

Then, in the next isle over I found this cute little jar with the same pattern on it. I put it on the shelf over my sink and it is currently being used to hold my Equal and Splenda packets.

Last, and my favorite of the finds, is this beautiful silverplate serving spoon with a monogrammed B on it for $1! Its like it was just waiting there just for me to scoop it up, I love it!

For a grand total of $5 for these three items, I'd say I had a pretty fab shopping weekend!


Lauren said...

Oh such great finds!!!! LOVE them all!! The red adds such a perfect little punch to your white shelving!

Haven and Home said...

I love the pot on the shelf. That would make me smile every morning!

LindsB said...

Lauren & Haven and Home- It adds just the touch to the white shelf, and it certainly does make me smile every morning and night when I have my tea :)

Rebecca Corvese said...

I love the pattern on that plate and your covered bowl. On the white shelf it really pops! Love your blog!