But Daddy, I want an umpa lumpa now!

Actually, I just want a new sofa...

When the BF and I were looking at buying a couch, I wanted a slipcover and he didn't. He hates the look of the skirt at the bottom, and we couldn't find any slipcovered sofas that didn't have the skirt. This is why I am kicking myself now, I should have looked harder because now I'm finding all the sofas in the world with no skirts, ugg!

I know I will forever be changing my mind, so I obvi want to go with a neutral color for the sofa. Then its much less expensive to add all the color and craziness I want with toss pillows, paint, throws etc. I think Celerie Kemble said it best (and WHY did she not write this book earlier so I could have read this and NOT picked the sofa I did) when she said:

"My recommendation for the furniture: go white. Its easy and elegant to have crisp white chairs, sofas and tables against a gleaming dark floor or a boldly colored rug. Bring in a variety of colors through accents, throws, art, pillows and china. When I mention this people often reply, "But white? I can't I need durable," and they end up with a convention of mushroom brown furniture. (please no!) Washable and bleachable white slipcovers made from denim, canvas, ticking, bleached duck, linen or other high-performance fabrics like faux leather and Ultrasuede would solve this problem."

Ah, that's me- mushroom brown furniture- boooo!! Here is what I REALLY want:

A beautiful white, slipcovered Chloe couch from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams- love it!!

(BF, if you are reading this, this couch would be a fantastic Valentine's Day present)

If you would like to see another beautiful couch, go check out Kay's fancy new couch she just scored at a major discount (I'm totally jealous!)

Picture from: mgandbw.com


Lauren said...

Oh Lindsay- I SO agree with you!!!! Got the white slipcovers & love them & I have a dog & child!!

The Steel Magnolia House said...

Ha Ha Ha I love the title of this post. My mom used to mock that to me when I was being a brat years ago. Veruca Sweetheart - we all have just a little bit of her in us now don't we? :)
Go sox!

The Steel Magnolia House said...

oooh, so glad you ordered books - you will love HS books. i had to cut myself off after acquiring QUITE a collection! lol

Unknown said...

sofas are so hard to find huh? geez! that chloe one is gorge though. i really hope you get it (or what you want). sometimes mitchell gold has discounts so it may be worth keeping an eye out for..and their quality is awesome (my sis has a mitchell gold sofa)

p.s. you are so sweet to link to me :) thank you