Domino Image of the Day

**UPDATE** I was just informed that this room was done by the fabulous and VERY talented Robin from Decorated Life. She left a comment and said that she painted this mural by hand- how friggin amazing is she? Go check her out to see more!

Source: dominomag.com


Anonymous said...

OMG! This is my story! I painted that mural with my bare hands! And consumed approximately 1,293 jelly beans and shed 8 gallons of tears while doing so.

LindsB said...

Are you for real?!? I love this room!! Want to be my new best friend in Boston and come do my place too???

Anonymous said...

Kind of, yes! This whole cheap kit was my baby and now that Domino is kaput, I can publicly say that i did the whole thing on my own!! It was nightmarish but I was the first assistant ever to get a byline! Weeeeee!!

We should totally meet in boston this weekend. I'm going to be working in Sommerville and I have a friend from California who is staying in Harvard Square.

I love making friends on the interwebs :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Robin,

I'm sorry if this might ruin your game a little bit but you did not design or decorate the rooms in the Cheap Kit yourself.

I personally know that your level of involvement with that shoot did not exceed that of an assistant. According to the credits on the story, Jennifer Condon was the market editor and you were the market assistant. I'm not sure whether or not Jennifer is aware that you are blatantly plagerizing her work by calling it your own, but I know that most people, especially people in creative fields, would find this kind of behavior highly unethical. It's clear that since you have no design background aside from being an editorial assistant at a shelter magazine you are completely unaware of the ethical boundaries you are crossing by claiming work you did not do as your own. Stenciling something on to a board and covering foot stools with fabric hardly counts as designing--it's the work of an assistant.

Not only is it pathetic that you have so little work of your own to show for yourself that you need to steal from others, it's sad and offensive that you are lowering the level for people who have spent years at school and work learning to be designers and decorators, and who have been held up to the standards of claiming only what they have created themselves as their own.

Anonymous said...

Ah, they don't call it Conde Nasty for nothin'!

Based on the tone, level of incoherent commentary and the fact that this person did not sign his/her name, I'm going with Robin on this one.

I've seen plenty of talented assistants work their butts off and not get credited. That's par for the course in magazine publishing. Based on my experience, it's far likelier that Robin did most of this than the other way around.

As for for "people who have spent years at school and work learning to be designers and decorators." I could give a rat's @ss. Talent can't be taught.