Domino Image of the Day

I love everything about this entryway! I wish my house looked like this, what a treat it would be to come home everyday. I love the dark floors (my fav), the lucite table, the rug, the lighting, the green curtain, the couch, the little porch with the cute table and chair (look through the window) the DOG, I just love it all!

Have a good day everyone!

Source: dominomag.com


Kwana said...

It's such a nice welcome home. I will so miss Domino.

Haven and Home said...

Could not have said it better myself. Love that picture, although I will be saying that this whole month about your pics of the day.

BTW- I picked you as one of the blogs I "luv" on my post today. Your blog is great!

Lauren said...

Love it too! The dark floors are also a favorite of mine that I'll never be able to have.. (well atleast for the next 12 or so years) My dog's white & we had dark wood floors in our last house & it was a nightmare. (She actually doesn't even shed that much but every little hair showed.) So... I'd rather have the light furniture that her hair doesn't show up on than the dark floors... But I always love them when I see them!!

Lauren said...

Lijndsay- I think you could totally make & sell those bags that camila posted on!!

LindsB said...

Aw Lauren, you are so nice!! That is a great idea though, I'll have to get working on it and see if I can come up with anything fun. Thanks for thinking of me :) xoxox

No.35style said...

loovvee the dark floors and the double doors!