Domino Image of the Day

Orange is my favorite color; so lets hope if I ever have kids they like it too, because they may end up with orange bunk beds.
source: dominomag.com


Lauren said...

such a fun kid room!! so much energy!!

Anonymous said...

i love bunk beds. not just because i currently reside in one. wonk wonkkkkk. i'd put these in the bunk room of my non-existant summer home for adults to crash in...but perhaps in a high gloss light grey :)

LindsB said...

Robin my thoughts exactly! I love going to summer homes and seeing a bunk bed room- so much fun!

Hey, is your apartment the one that was featured in Domino, with the closet under the bed? If so- LOVE IT! Like to the point, I almost wanted to leave the BF so I could find my own place and do that to my room.

Windlost said...

It all makes sense now. I was wondering why I saw so much orange here in only a few posts. I love orange too but I only have a wee little bit in my decor. :)